The High Performance PT Diploma

It's one of a kind...

GSquared Academy is the prestigious education department of GSquared Clubs.  The academy delivers the only “High Performance PT™” diploma in the UK.  

 What makes it High Performance? 

Our trademarked “High Performance Personal Training ™” Diploma is like no other.  You will receive critical, powerful and advanced information that propels you past existing Personal Trainers already practising in the industry.  

With our extensive experience spanning over nearly two decades, we have shortlisted the awareness generating information that will give you an unfair advantage to ensure and guarantee success providing you apply yourself as a true High Performance Personal Trainer ™.


  • How do I complete the Practical Assessment online?

    You can either live stream to your assessor who will watch remotely or you can record your assessment and send a link via YouTube to your assessor. You can also choose to have your assessment done face to face for an additional cost of £50, you will be able to discuss this with your tutor.

  • What if I need more support?

    Your tutor will be able to guide you through the qualification. There is always the opportunity to purchase additional face to face support covering the practical elements if you feel that you need it.


G Squared Academy is partnered with a number of reputable brands in the health and fitness industry.

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Launching Late 2020, Manchester City Centre